Book Talk

Details of Book Talk Event

A book talk is a short, engaging, and enthusiastic presentation designed to inspire others to read the same book. The presenter should share enough of the plot (events that make up the story) to interest the listener, but should not give a summary of the entire book. The presenter should not give away the important part or the ending. However, the presenter should highlight the interesting points. The presenter should read chosen passages to the listeners. The purpose is to grab the audience’s interest, give a feel for the way the writer writes, and make each listener want to read the book. Some presenters end the book talk with a cliffhanger. A cliffhanger is a story or a situation that is exciting because the ending or result is uncertain until it happens. 

The presenter presents the book talk orally and should have the book as a visual prop. 



• 5 to 10 minutes time can be given to the each Book Talk.

•Make sure you may actually read the Book.

•Have a copy of the Book in hand.

•Answer the judges and audience question.

•Final decision is taken by judges.

Entry Fees: ₹ 50.00 


Evaluation method:-

·  Presentation Skills.

·  Confidence, body language etc.

·  Learning

Contact for Registration:

Muskan Pal: +91-6351286439

  • Shivang Bhatt : +91-63512864

Backbone of Event

Ms. Muskan Pal

Student Coordinator

Mr. Jaydeep Mehta


TeamLease Skills University 

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