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CAD (Computer Aided Design) Creator is an event which allows students to showcase their talent of 3D modelling & designing on PTC Cre-O software. The competition will include following tools of the software, 

· Part Modelling – Extrude, Revolve, Sweep, Helical sweep etc.

· Drawing – To convert the part model into 2D drawing.

· Assembly – Assembly of designed parts

If participant has good proficiency in designing or modelling in any software, then they can be a part of this event and can win the exciting prizes. 



There are three rounds. Each round is an elimination round. 

1st Round:-

· Duration: - 15 minutes.

· Task: - 3D objects using simple command

· Elimination after result.

2nd Round:-

· Duration: - 20 minutes.

· Task: - 3D objects using advance tools. 

· Elimination after result.

3rd Round:-

· Duration: - 25 minutes.

· Task: -Assembly of parts

· Winners & Runners up decision will be taken after this round.



• For any misconduct & misbehaviour, participant will be disqualified.

• Use of mobile, laptop, internet, is prohibited.

• Decision of the judge will be the final decision. 

• Dimensions will be checked by the judges

Evaluation Method

• Tools used

• Time taken

• Approach

• Dimensions

Entry Fees: ₹50 

For Registration Contact:

Sunil Baghel : +91-6351286439

Suresh Prajapati: +91-6351286439

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Mr.Sunil Baghel

Mr.Sunil Baghel
Student Coordinator

Student Coordinator

Mr.Suresh Prajapati

Mr.Suresh Prajapati

Student Coordinator

Mr.Dishank Upadhyay

I/C Head of Mechatronics

Chair Person Aavishkaar Club

Staff Coordinator of this event