Enact The Act



Hey! We are lining in the digital era! So, let’s do something through e-creativity 

Let’s be digitalized!

Confused! Here you go……

· Imagine you are working as digital marketing executive and you have to pull school students at our university!

· Create and shoot 30 seconds video for an objective of making it viral through social media representing your “life At TLSU” OR “life At Vadodara”


  • For college students each team have to make video on “Life At TLSU” OR “Life At Vadodara”.
  • Time limit is 30s seconds.
  • Relate to your audience.
  • If they would not able to complete the video in 30 seconds then they will be disqualified.

Evaluation Method

  • Minimum 30 seconds
  • Performance, Attention and Interest
  • Taglines

Ad Recall


This is an event for schools as well as for the college students in which you have to recognize the advertisement. In this presence of mind should be there and through fun you can learn! So come join and have fun with learn.

Entry Fees: ₹ 50/- per person

Contact for Registration: 

Rutushri Dongre: +91-6351286439

Punit Makhija: +91-9624831998


Round 1

 Visionary (Limit 1 Minute) 

Round 2

 Audio (Limit 30 Seconds) 

Round 3

 Advance( Audio) (Limit 30 Seconds) 

Backbone of event

Ms. Rutushri Dongre

Student Coordinator

Mr. Punit Makhija

Student Coordinator

Mrs. Shivangi Shukla

Give customers a reason to do business with you.