fun with food


A simple eating games, food challenge games, and fun food games for participants.  


  • Fun games involving Food.
  • The person to complete all task fastest will be the winner. 
  • All rounds are elimination rounds. 
  • The person to complete the first task will be able to proceed to the next task, or else will be eliminated. The event consists of 5 tasks. 
  • The participant will have 2 minutes to complete each task.

Evaluation Method

  • Qualify for next round- less time taken.
  • Judges decision will be final.


Entry Fees: ₹100/- per person

Contact for Registration:

Shreya Chaturvedi: +91-6351286439

Nirav Parmar: +91-6351286439

About Us

Ms. Shreya Chaturvedi

Student Coordinator

Mr. Nirav Parmar

Student Coordinator 

Ms. Bharti Sharma

 Academic Associate  

Hospitality and Tourism Management 

Mr. Rutvik Thakkar

Main Coordinator

Ms. Shivani Tak

Main Coordinator