IT Tacts


A technology based event to enhance the knowledge or spread the knowledge about the security of gadgets which are the part of our daily life.


  • Team must report 10 minutes before starting the event.
  • Task will be distributed to the teams.
  • The team who will finish the task first, will be the winner team.
  • Judge's decision will be the final decision.
  • No team member will be allowed to leave the room during allocated time.
  • Entire team will be disqualified if any team member misbehaving.

Entry Fees: ₹100/- per person

Contact for Registration: 

Chandan Vishwakarma: +91-8733830252

Rahul Ray Thakkar: +91-9574865630

backbone of event

Mr. Chandan Vishwakarma

Student Coordinator

Mr. Rahul Thakar

 Student Coordinator 

Mr. Jayendra Goswami

Program Manager of IT Department