Jam talks


The event specially organised for the ones talk a lot and like to talk about new varied topics. So, here we provide a stage to the ardent talkative people. To come and showcase their likings towards talking. There would be various interesting, trending topics. 


  • Participants will get 1 minute time to speak about the topic.
  • 1 minute to think about the topic and another 1 minute to speak about the topic.
  • Only two chances will be given to pick the chits.
  • Do not take long pauses, other than the natural than the natural ones.

Evaluation Method

  • Evaluation will be done on the following bases:
  • Confidence, knowledge, language, eye contact & body language.

Entry Fees: ₹ 50/- per person

 Contact for Registration: 

Rutushri Dongre: +91-6351286439

Shivang Bhatt: +91-6351286439

About Us

Ms. Rutushri Dongre

Student Coordinator

Mrs. Hiral Macwan

Assistant professor and

I/C HOD of Life Skills Department