Mind scribble



A quiz which test participant’s common sense, presence of mind, logical reasoning and general awareness. It helps to develop thinking power, interpretation, quick analysis and sharpen your mind. 


  1. Online Test
  2. Unscramble It !
  3. Buzzer Round
  4. Rapid Fire
  5. Riddles


  • Teams should come before 10 minutes on the time of event.
  • There should be 2 participants in each team.
  • Equivalent time will be given for every question according to its weightage.
  • Bottom teams will be eliminated in each round, decided by the judges.
  • Judges decision will be considered final.

Evaluation Method

5 points for each correct answer

No negative marking

Entry Fees: ₹ 50.00


Contact for Registration:

Saloni Modi: +91-6351286439

Riya Chaturvedi : +91-6351286439 

backbone of event

Ms. Saloni Modi

Student Coordinator

Ms. Riya Chaturvedi

Student Coordinator

Ms. Ashwini Joshi