Wall Street



Wall Street is a virtual stock trading game. Where we will create a league. Participants have to join that league. Participants have to trade stock market, maintain portfolio, they have to do intraday trading and book profit. They will received virtual 1crore rupees for trading. At the end of the event i.e. 1st Nov, winner will be decided based on leader board and intraday booked profit.


  • Id card must require.
  • Trade will be for two days 30th Oct and 31st Oct, during market hours.
  • Should compulsory trade on 30th Oct.
  • Trade only in equity market.
  • After trade start no Reset allowed.
  • Final decision taken by Judges.

Entry Fees: ₹ 50.00

Contact for Registration:

Nalini Karki: +91-6351286439

Shivang Bhatt : +91-6351286439 

Backbone of event

Ms. Nalini Karki

 Student Coordinator 

Dr. Manoj Sharma

Assistant Professor

Commerce & Management Department

Staff Coordinator